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Absinthe & Alchemy

Citron & Mint 6oz jar

Citron & Mint 6oz jar

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Step into a world where old-world charm meets contemporary sophistication with our Citron Mint Candle, nestled within an exquisite apothecary-style jar. Crafted with eco-conscious coconut wax, this enchanting creation pays homage to the timeless allure of vintage apothecaries, blending the craftsmanship of yesteryears with the refreshing scent of today.

The jar itself is a piece of artistry, a translucent vessel that harkens back to a bygone era. Crafted from amber glass, it channels the spirit of vintage apothecary aesthetics. Its gracefully curved silhouette, crowned by a snug-fitting cork lid, invokes a sense of nostalgia and mystery, as if it holds the secrets to ancient remedies.

The dominant note, zesty citron, bursts forth with a lively citrusy energy, as if plucked fresh from a sun-drenched orchard. Its vibrant aroma infuses the air with a burst of vitality, reminiscent of bright summer days.  Complementing the citron's zest is the invigorating mint. Its crisp, cool notes dance gracefully with the citrus, creating a refreshing harmony that uplifts and revitalizes. It's as if a soothing breeze has swept through your space, bringing a sense of clarity and rejuvenation.

Together, citron and mint create a symphony of fragrance that is both invigorating and calming, a perfect balance of zest and tranquility. The scent lingers, enveloping your surroundings in an aura of refreshing elegance.

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