About Us

Welcome to Absinthe & Alchemy, a candle business that was born out of a long and difficult struggle with physical and mental health, and a major transformation into something I never thought I could be- hence the name Alchemy. Two years in the making, my life experiences shaped my brand, and through the designs I eventually chose my brand has come to represent faith in natural healing and believing that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 

I got into candle making when the pandemic started.  Several months later, I learned I had a benign pituitary tumor.  Numerous doctors and radiologists agreed on the tumor diagnosis after reviewing my MRI scans.  Brain surgery was scheduled for January 13, 2021.  That was they day my life changed forever. 

I had transphenoidal brain surgery- meaning they went through my nostrils and sinuses to get to my brain.  Unfortunately, the surgeon was unable to find any tumor.  All he found was an inflamed gland that could have been fixed with medication.  I went through something so invasive and traumatizing only to find out it was unnecessary. I was devastated, angry, confused, and I had major trouble coping.

Things got worse after I got the Covid vaccine.  Now I suffer from tinnitus and vertigo.  I lost count of how many doctors I went to.  I lost faith in western  medicine and doctors with no answers.  I turned to holistic medicine, acupuncture and herbalism.  That's when things started to change. Intense therapy, learning old school herbal recipes and curating a collection of vintage apothecary jars made me see that there is more to healing than western medicine. 

Two years later, I'm a small business owner with a story and brand that resonates with a lot of people.  It doesn't get better than that.  If you would like to share your story with me, let's talk! Thank you for listening and for supporting my small business.

And what about Absinthe? Well, black currant absinthe is my signature fragrance and best selling candle.  Total kismet if you ask me :)