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Biker Jacket LUXE EDITION 18oz

Biker Jacket LUXE EDITION 18oz

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Introducing the Biker Jacket 18 oz LUXE EDITION triple wick candle – a sensory journey that captures the rebellious spirit and untamed freedom of the open road. Immerse yourself in the rugged allure of a classic biker jacket, transformed into an olfactory masterpiece. This artisanal candle is a harmonious blend of masculine and daring notes, meticulously curated to evoke the essence of leather, asphalt, and the wind whipping through your hair.  The quintessential bad boy candle.  

Ignite the wicks and experience the immediate rush of adrenaline as top notes of smoky leather, suede and spicy black pepper create a bold and invigorating atmosphere. As the flame dances, the heart of the fragrance unfolds, revealing the rich undertones of warm amber and earthy patchouli, reminiscent of well-worn leather that tells tales of countless adventures.

Housed in a sleek, decanter-shaped jar, this candle not only exudes a captivating scent but also serves as a bold statement piece for any space.  Whether you're a devoted motorcycle enthusiast or someone who appreciates the fusion of rugged elegance, this candle is a celebration of the untamed spirit. Elevate your space with the Biker Essence Luxe Candle in a Decanter Jar – a harmonious blend of rebellion, luxury, and the thrill of the open road.

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