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Champagne & Strawberries 6oz

Champagne & Strawberries 6oz

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The champagne and strawberries candle combines the delightful scents of sparkling champagne and ripe strawberries, creating a fragrance that is both fruity and effervescent. The champagne note in the candle replicates the effervescence and light, crisp aroma of sparkling wine. It often has a slightly fruity and yeasty undertone, reminiscent of a celebratory toast. The strawberry fragrance captures the sweet, juicy, and slightly tart aroma of ripe strawberries. It adds a fresh and fruity dimension to the overall scent profile. 

The champagne and strawberries combination is often associated with summer celebrations, picnics, or romantic occasions. The scent can evoke feelings of warmth and joy, making it particularly popular during the warmer months or for special romantic occasions. It combines the lively and effervescent notes of champagne with the sweet and juicy aroma of ripe strawberries. The result is a fragrance that is both celebratory and romantic, providing a delightful sensory experience and enhancing the ambiance of a space.

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