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Blackberry Saffron 6oz jar

Blackberry Saffron 6oz jar

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Step into a world of timeless charm and sensory allure with our Blackberry Saffron Candle, crafted with eco-conscious coconut wax and lovingly ensconced within a classic apothecary-style jar. 

The primary note, ripe blackberry, emerges as if plucked from an old-world garden. Its sweet, berry-infused aroma fills the air, evoking memories of berry-picking escapades on a sun-drenched afternoon. It is a scent that encapsulates the simple pleasures of nature's bounty, reminiscent of a time when the harvest was celebrated.

Yet, it is the saffron that truly lends this candle its vintage mystique. As the blackberry's sweetness lingers, saffron's subtle, exotic aroma weaves its way through with hints of ginger and lavender, casting an enchanting spell. It conjures visions of ancient apothecaries, their wooden shelves laden with mysterious vials and elixirs, where saffron was a treasured ingredient reserved for the most luxurious concoctions.

Together, blackberry and saffron create a harmonious tapestry of fragrance that is both comforting and intoxicating. The scent lingers in the air, inviting you to bask in its warm embrace. It is a fragrance that transcends eras, offering a sanctuary of nostalgia and luxury amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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