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Apple Maple Bourbon 6oz jar

Apple Maple Bourbon 6oz jar

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Introducing our Apple Maple Bourbon scented candle, a delightful symphony of aromas that invites you to savor the warmth and comfort of a cozy evening year-round.

Made with eco-conscious coconut wax, it releases a rich and inviting bouquet that captures the essence of crisp apple orchards, where ripe fruit dangles from the branches, ready for harvest. The sweet, tantalizing embrace of maple syrup adds a touch of nostalgia, conjuring images of homemade pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning with a bold, smoky undertone of aged bourbon. It weaves a sense of sophistication into the fragrance, like the gentle burn of amber liquid in a crystal glass, mellowing the sweetness and infusing it with a sense of depth and complexity.

This enchanting scent is not limited to the Fall season; it offers year-round appeal. Whether you're winding down after a long day or gathering with loved ones, our Apple Maple Bourbon candle is the perfect companion for creating cherished memories and embracing the comforts of every season. Its versatile fragrance promises to evoke the cozy ambiance you crave, making every day a special occasion.

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